Third In New Series Of Navigational Satellites Launched Into Orbit

The third in a new series of navigational satellites for the Global Positioning System (GPS) was successfully launched into orbit from Cape Canaveral, Fla., on a U.S. Air Force Delta II rocket.

According to Magnavox Advanced Products & Systems Company, Torrance, Calif., a leading manufacturer of GPS user equipment, this was the third production-model Block II satellite to go into orbit this year. The Block II satellites are supplementing supplementing the existing partial constellation of six operational prototype Block I satellites.

Eventually, there will be 21 active satellites in the Global Positioning System, providing constant updates in real-time of geographical location for ships, aircraft, land vehicles and even individuals. It will be used by U.S. and allied military forces, and also, in a slightly less accurate form, by civilian users.

According to a "White Paper" issued by Magnavox, there should be enough Block I and Block II satellites in orbit to provide worldwide uninterrupted coverage for surface navigation by mid-1991.

Magnavox Advanced Products & Systems Company is a leading manufacturer of GPS navigational equipment. The company offers a full family of GPS products, including extremely precise survey-quality systems, military systems and general marine GPS navigation receivers. The company reports that there is a considerable demand of GPS equipment, even though full worldwide availability is still more than a year away.

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