Burmeister & Wain Christens Eighth Product Tanker In Series

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The 750-foot M/T Torm Margrethe was recently christened at ceremonies at Burmeister & Wain Skibsvaerft A/S in Copenhagen. The single-screw tanker is the eighth in a series of Panamax product tankers, type CPT54E. She was contracted for by K/S Margretheholm, a partnership of Danish tax investors, and will be operated by the Danish shipping company Torm.

The vessel, which has a beam of 106 feet and draft of 38 feet, is equipped with one five-cylinder, two-stroke MAN B&W L70MCE diesel engine, which develops 10,900 bhp at 84 rpm MCR or 9,800 bhp at 81 rpm CSR. The engine runs a four-bladed propeller with a diameter of 7.2 m or 23.6 feet. She has an average speed of 15.1 knots at a loaded design draft/ballasted condition of 90 percent.

In her engine room, the Torm Margrethe has four auxiliary engines— two six-cylinder MAN B&W T23LH-4E diesel engines each direct coupled to a 600-kw generator and two eight-cylinder MAN B&W L28/32 diesel engines each coupled to a hydraulic pump of 1,680 kw. One is also coupled to a 1,200-kw generator.

The bridge is equipped with the most up-to-date navigation instruments such as a direction finder, radar, satellite communication system, satellite navigator, autopilot and gyrocompass. The bridge also is equipped with remote control equipment for the propulsion machinery to allow for unmanned engine room operation.

The vessel has been designed with 12 cargo tanks (six on the port and six on the starboard side). She will be capable of carrying up to 12 different oil products and chemicals at one time. She will be classed and registered as +1A1 "tanker for oil and caustic soda, COW, EO, INERT," and in accordance with the "Tanker Safety and Pollution Prevention 1978." She also will be equipped with a gas generator to pump neutral, non-explosive gas (inert gas) in the tanks to avoid the risk of explosion during loading and unloading.

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