Nav-Com Introduces New Complete Shipboard Communications Package

— Literature Available To meet today's business requirements, vessel owners are discovering a need for totally inte- grated shipboard communications. Systems that fulfill the needs of both internal and external voice, data and telex traffic.

Nav-Com has developed COMNET, a system that ties together a complete shipboard communications package. Built around a central electronic switching system, COMNET can be configured with as many internal extensions and outside trunk lines as necessary. The system provides a variety of high quality satellite communications services through rotary or touch tone telephones, voice/data terminals, digital facsimile transceivers and computer work stations.

Each device is recognized as a telephone extension by the electronic switching system that offers a full range of convenience features such as call transfer, forwarding, intercom, conferencing and toll restriction. An additional interface permits access to the ship's hailing and paging system. This eliminated needless hardware redundancy and provides for a totally integrated system.

Nav-Com's unique "auto access" feature allows all calls in either the ship-to-shore or shore-to-ship direction to be routed automatically through the satellite communications terminal without operator intervention. This new capability is an industry first. Nav-Com provides a thoroughly engineered, fully documented and carefully installed communications system that is supported everywhere by the Magnavox worldwide service network.

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