$3.4 Million Awarded General Instrument For Spares/Support Equipment

General Instrument Corporation's Defense Systems Group recently announced that their Government Systems Division received a $3.4-million award from a foreign nation for spares and support equipment for their ALR-606(V)2 ESM System.

The fully automatic ALR- 606(V)2 ESM System performs over-the-horizon electronic surveillance and targeting while simultaneously providing radar warning for self-protection. It is capable of operating in a variety of maritime patrol scenarios, handling high signal densities encompassing various complex signal types and modes, and detecting low probability of intercept emitters.

General Instrument's Defense Systems Group is comprised of four divisions specializing in the development, production, and support of various defense electronic systems for the U.S. and international air, ground and naval forces.

The Government Systems Division and Dalmo Victor Division are leading manufacturers of radar warning systems and surveillance and targeting systems, complementing each other. The Undersea Systems Division is the foremost supplier of multi-beam bathymetric sonar mapping products to the free world, and Northern Scientific Laboratory is an important supplier of frequency measuring receivers utilized in the electronic defense industry. For more information and free literature,

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