New ARQ Radio Telex Station Offered By Hull

—Literature Available Hull Electronics, a leader in the innovative design of state-of-the-art multipurpose HF-SSB transceivers, related equipment and systems, recently introduced a ARQ radio telex station.

This completely integrated and factory-tested station utilizes the Hull Model 230 SSB transceiver with a high-speed ARQ telex option kit installed and a Hull Model H- 404Cu automatic antenna coupler. These are coupled to an ARQ modem with a keyboard, a video monitor and high-speed printer to complete the station.

Hull's ARQ station enables the user to send and receive error-free telex messages. Text is composed using the keyboard and stored in memory. It can be edited by viewing it on the video monitor. If a hard copy of the text is required, it may be obtained by the use of a printer. The ARQ station's memory capability stores incoming messages which may be routed to either the monitor or the high-speed printer.

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