Big Ship Radar Line Introduced By Furuno

Furuno is now offering a full line of 12 and 16-inch radars designed to meet all current IMO requirements for ocean-going vessels. These new radars offer the most modern technology, with features such as digital signal processing for an extremely bright steady picture, an interscan system for continously visible electronic bearing line, "echo stretch" technique for positive target definition, video processing for clutter suppression, hybrid microwave IC receiver circuitry for high sensitivity, and log amplifier for enhanced target detection at all ranges, even during heavy weather.

Furuno can provide a variety of system configurations: the transceiver may be mounted aloft in the scanner gearbox or below in a separate enclosure; both 25-kw X-band and 60-kw S-band frequencies are available and can be interswitched; X-band antennas can be specified from 6.5 to 10 feet, while the S-band units feature a 12-foot antenna. All models offer dual VRM's and 10 range scales to 120 n.mi., plus a 12- mile True Motion scale. The presentation can be head-up, north-up or course-up and the picture can be offcentered by as much as 70 percent in any direction. The 12-inch units are used as primary radars for vessels under 10,000 grt or secondary radars for vessels over this size. The 16-inch units have been developed as primary radars for vessels of any size.

Convenient options include antenna de-icer, radar alarm, reflection plotter, North-up and True Bearing modules, performance monitor, inter-switch, and ARPA interface.

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