STN Introduces New Speed Log

STN Atlas Marine Electronics has introduced a new integrated satellite navigation and speed log system with combined 24-channel GPS-Glonass positioning. Providing simultaneous or separate position and speed calculations via GPS, Differential GPS and/or Glonass satellites, the Debeg Satlog 4124 provides worldwide positional and speed accuracy of 15 m and 0.2 knots, respectively; corresponding Differential mode accuracies, derived from an integral multitrack differential beacon receiver, are 1 m and 0.1 knots.

The product is designed for any type of marine navigation operation as well as specialist applications such as hydrographic surveying, buoy positioning and oceanographic research. The system can also be used to support docking maneuvers by additionally calculating and displaying rate-of-turn and athwart speed at stern. A measured mile function for calibration of connected speed logs in addition to displaying distances traveled per day, leg or total voyage is also present. Safety functions include a manoverboard alert supported by integrity monitoring and external alarm facilities.

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