Trimble Introduces NavGraphic Loran Track Plotter, And New Digital Version Of 10X Loran

Trimble Navigation of Sunnyvale, Calif., recently introduced a new product, the NavGraphic loran track plotter, as well as a new digital version of their 10X loran.

The NavGraphic loran plotter enables a navigator to see at a single glance where he is relative to significant waypoints, hazards, and intended course, where he'll be in one hour maintaining current speed and heading, and where he's been. One can choose the appropriate visual (1 mile to 125 miles or the entire route) and a graphics and text screen that can be seen from 15 to 20 feet away. A convenient waypoint and route library is available for easy data review and retrieval. Waypoints can be named and/or numbered. Symbols are also available for quick recognition of types of waypoints and routes. Once the NavGraphic is set up, there is no need to manipulate the unit again, unless you want to make a change or adjust the brightness and contrast or reverse out the screen for easy night viewing.

The NavGraphic is easy to install, easy to support, and easy to expand with simple plug-ins to other onboard instrumentation.

The new digital 10X loran from Trimble was developed specifically to address the problem of dealing with environmental anomalies, signal jammers, and interference of all types. The digital architecture of the new receiver provides consistency and precision in signal processing, while 100 fixed notch filters and eight spectrally tuned notch filters work hand in hand to create a loran that not only expands the overall utility range of loran coverage by tracking very weak signals, but also improves the repeatable accuracies of the loran answers. A secondary benefit of Trimble's digital approach to receiver design is that only half the number of parts are required, allowing reduction in size and a major reduction in the number of things that could go wrong. According to the manufacturer, reliability is greatly enhanced with a digital architecture.

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