DCC Orders Satellite Ground Equipment From Scientific-Atlanta

Scientific-Atlanta, Inc., Atlanta, Ga., recently received orders for satellite ground equipment from Digital Communications Corporation (DCC), a M/A-COM company. The order calls for products to be used in satellite shore stations being constructed or retrofitted for service in the INMARSAT maritime communications program.

Under one order, Scientific- Atlanta will furnish RF equipment and pilot oscillators for DCC's order to upgrade COMSAT G e n e r a l ' s p r e s e n t Southbury, Conn., MARISAT shore station to accommodate INMARSAT communications traffic. INMAR- SAT, the multination international maritime satellite commission, will provide communications service to the world's maritime fleet beginning in early 1982. A second order calls for Scientific- Atlanta single channel per carrier (SCPC-FM) modems and baseband equipment to be delivered to DCC. The units will be used to provide INMARSAT shipto- shore voice and telex communications service through a shore station operated by the British Telecom at the Goonhilly Downs Earth Station, England.

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