Furuno Introduces N e w 6-Inch And 8-Inch Dual-Frequency Color V i d e o Sounders

Furuno recently introduced two new dual-frequency color video sounders. The FCV-663 is Furuno's most cost-effective dual-frequency color video sounder. It features a bright, high resolution 6-inch CRT that shows returning echoes in eight distinctive colors depending on target strength.



M a y 5 - 8 , 1 9 8 6 , Houston The 1986 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), to be held at the Astrodomain in Houston May 5-8, focuses this year on world trade and the increased recognition of OTC's role in bringing together U.S. and international exporters,

N e w 138-Page Level And Flow Sensor Catalog O f f e r e d Free By GEMS

GEMS Express Service is offering a free comprehensive level and flow sensor catalog that contains 138 pages of complete technical information as well as prices. The catalog is designed to allow products to be ordered from a toll-free number, and since most are in stock,

New Racal Survey And Dredge Control System

—Literature Available System 900, a new automatic data collection and charting system for hydrographic surveying and dredge control, was demonstrated for the first time recently by Racal Positioning Systems Limited. Literature is now available describing System 900 in full detail.

Furuno Introduces New Autopilot, Compact, Lightweight Gyrocompass, And 10-Inch Color Video Sounder

Furuno U.S.A., San Francisco, Calif., recently announced the introduction of several new products. Furuno's new FAP-55 microprocessor- controlled autopilot features five operating modes, a large easyto- read LCD display, built-in dodge steering,

Furuno Introduces N e w Products

Furuno U.S.A., Inc. of South San Francisco, Calif., recently announced the introduction of several new products. One is a new digitized daylight bright radar, FR-8030D, that packs a lot of performance features and a full 12-inch diagonal CRT into a cabinet only 13.

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